How to Build a Website Using ChatGPT?

Jul 19, 2023

website using chatgpt

ChatGPT is the hottest ongoing trend at the current time. Whether it is content, statistics, data entry, coding, or researching, the use of ChatGPT is rising every day. 

A blog by states that ChatGPT acquired 1 million users in just five days of its launch. Another blog by Similarwebs highlights that ChatGPT topped 1 billion visits in February, which is 62.5% higher than its January traffic. According to FishBowl, a professional networking app, nearly 43% of surveyed professionals use ChatGPT for work, which is 50% higher than a similar survey conducted in January 2023. These statistics show that the use of ChatGPT by working professionals is rising in record-breaking fashion. 

But while ChatGPT is popular in content, data analysis, and research, only a fraction of its users know that they can even create a website design with ChatGPT, and that too in a very short time.

How to do that? How much time will it take to create a ChatGPT web design? And is it effective? This blog will answer all burning questions storming into your mind.

But first, for starters, let us briefly discuss what ChatGPT is.


What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is the abbreviation for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI and launched on 30 November 2022. Trained on extensive data, ChatGPT is highly efficient in generating human-like responses to queries related to a wide range of fields. It uses a massive database to answer questions, provide explanations and offer creative suggestions to its users like a Chatbot. You can ask it any question in text format, and it replies instantly. And the best part about its basic version is that it is free to use. 

Since the advent of this AI tool, professionals are exploring new ways to use it to simplify their work and boost their productivity. One important use of them is to create a website design with ChatGPT


Below we will understand how.

Steps to Build a Website Using ChatGPT


Before beginning to create a website design with ChatGPT, it is crucial to have a clear idea of the goal and purpose of your website. Thus, make a website development checklist and note down the basic idea of your website, including your target audience, goal, functional requirements, development plans for the future, and so on. Get a clear thought on whether your website will sell things, or it will engage users in other ways. Planning also involves creating a sitemap for your website that will act as an outline of your website structure and navigation later. 

ChatGPT website

You can create a good sitemap through ChatGPT by entering the prompts or basic information about your website. For example, if you want to create a website for a footwear brand, you can enter the prompt ‘Give a sitemap for a footwear brand’ in ChatGPT. The AI tool will process your requirement and give you the required sitemap in text format. Having a clear objective and sitemap in your mind helps you avoid confusion and keep you on the right track throughout the development process of ChatGPT web design.



After you complete planning and site mapping of your website, designing is the next thing. To create a website design with ChatGPT, you first need to decide on the layout and visual elements for your website, and a wireframe is a great way to do that. A wireframe is a simple visual representation of a website design, like a blueprint. It outlines the placement of various elements like header, footer, sidebar, sections, and many more on the web pages of a website. Before creating the website, the wireframe process comes in to experiment with the design elements and figure out their final place on the website. Since ChatGPT is a text-based AI tool, creating the wireframe of your website is impossible on ChatGPT. However, it can suggest you the best and even free website for the same. For example, if you enter the instruction, ‘best wireframing free tool‘ on ChatGPT, it will give you enough suggestions of suitable tools to perform the wireframing of your website. If you do not want to use any wireframing tool and your website is not very complex, you can also sketch out a rough wireframe on paper to define the placement of key elements in your website. 

Once your website wireframing completes successfully, you should decide on its theme, typography, and overall colour scheme. You can look for the latest website design trends to get inspiration for your website. If you are unsure about your design, you can ask for design principles from ChatGPT to understand the fundamental rules of website design. Moreover, you can also seek some advice for your ChatGPT web design from the ChatGPT itself. 

Some basic things to remember while deciding on a website design are keeping a simplified user experience (UX) and a uniform brand identity throughout the website. Make sure to perform a competitor analysis to determine niche-specific trends and rules for your website



After you decide on the design and wireframe of your website, it’s time to bring your ChatGPT web design to life. You can do it in two ways. The first way includes using website builders from websites like WordPress and Shopify to get a wide array of pre-prepared web templates with different customizing options. On these website builders, you only need to put the basic idea of your website and select the suitable template and design for it. Notably, while these platforms make your website design process extremely quick and easy, they come with some unavoidable cons like limited customizability, monthly charges, and dependency of your website on the platform. Thus, most official websites do not prefer these platforms, bringing us to another way of website designing, which is creating it from scratch.

ChatGPT website

To create a website design with ChatGPT from scratch, you can ask for a step-by-step guide. Since it involves programming, ChatGPT can assist you in generating code snippets or answering specific questions related to it. To begin with, you can set up a development environment by installing code editors like Visual Studio Code, Atom, or Sublime Text.

Once you set up your code editors, begin with basic web designing languages like HTML to begin the code structure of your website. Then incorporate CSS for adding advanced styles and a well-customized visual appearance. You can ask ChatGPT for the different codes by giving it a description of your web designing needs. For example, if you want to create an online cosmetic selling website like Sephora on a pink theme, you can enter the prompt, “Give web designing codes for an online makeup selling website with the pink theme”, in ChatGPT to get the basic code snippet of such a website. You can further modify the code to extend the website pages and functionalities. 

While it is possible to design a website with ChatGPT from scratch, it can be very time-taking and hectic for someone with a non-tech background. 



While designing a website from scratch is tiresome, it does not lend you to a functional website yet. You need to integrate the user interface and design with the backend server to make it functional. The front end focuses on the interface and interaction with the user, and the backend server handles data processing and APIs. 

Firstly, you need to create a backend server by choosing a backend technology stack like Node.js or Python with other supported frameworks. You can feed your website description to ChatGPT to know which stack would be the best for it. Furthermore, you can ask it to give detailed steps about the installation processes of the backend framework and even the codes to set up a server. Once you complete installations, ask ChatGPT for further steps to start and deploy your server. Since this process is highly technical, having basic information about website backend development and server setup will be required. ChatGPT can provide customized assistance by helping you understand server-side programming concepts, recommending frameworks, or answering questions related to databases and APIs. Once you successfully set up a backend server, define your APIs, serve the frontend files, you will connect the front end with the back end through technologies like Fetch API, Axios, or AJAX. Error handling, testing, and debugging are some other unavoidable steps before deploying a website. ChatGPT can assist with these steps too.



A website without content is like an empty book. Thus, do not forget to add compelling content to your website, representing your brand identity and specialty. ChatGPT is the best free tool to create web content according to your needs. For example, if you need web content for your online cosmetic selling website homepage, enter the prompt, “Give compelling website content for the homepage of a cosmetic website”. ChatGPT will give the required content to read and modify according to your needs. You can also ask it to create other responses for variety. Generating content ideas, proofreading content, and improving written content are also some fields where ChatGPT can be your free assistant. Ensure that your AI-created content aligns well with your brand voice and customer requirements. 

website using chatgpt

A Point to Remember

While building a website design with ChatGPT, it is important to remember that even though this AI tool can assist in all aspects of website building, a basic understanding of web development fundamentals is necessary. One can only use ChatGPT as a helpful resource and free assistant while developing any website design.


People Also Ask

Can ChatGPT write HTML code?

Yes, as an AI tool, ChatGPT has access to an immense amount of data, including HTML codes. Thus, it is capable of helping you write HTML codes if you let it know which specific HTML code you need.

Will ChatGPT replace website developers?

While this AI tool is highly advanced and efficient in doing multiple tasks associated with website development, it is still incapable of delivering human-like work. Moreover, it may build the code snippets faster and identify bugs almost instantly. The web development industry will still need a skilled developer to connect all the information in an organized and meaningful fashion. Thus, ChatGPT or any other AI tool will not replace human website developers any soon; but can significantly increase their productivity.

Can I use ChatGPT content on my website?

You can use ChatGPT content on your website. It gives high-quality content as per the needs of individuals. However, you must note that many tools exist that are capable of detecting AI content today. Thus, relying entirely on ChatGPT for your website content may not give you the desired results in SEO and visibility. However, you can still take content ideas and suggestions from ChatGPT and then modify them according to your requirements. 


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