Features You Need to Boost Sales for Your Shopify Website Store

Aug 08, 2023

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Are you someone using Shopify website builder to make your business available online and wondering what is next? Or are you looking for Smart ways to skyrocket your sales and leave the competition in the dust? 

Either way, your search engine has landed you in the right place!

According to the latest publishings, Shopify has helped over 4.3 million website e-commerce sites. Yet, only a fraction of these websites use the actual potential of Shopify for driving traffic and customers.

I want you to be one of those. Thus, I have created this blog that compiles all the sales-boosting features to increase your sales and maximize the potential of your business. 

So, without further ado, let’s know the features that can improve your Shopify website store in India.


7 Features To Boost Sales for Your Shopify Website Store

Retargeting Emails

According to a study by Baymard Institute, average online stores have a cart abandonment rate of 70.19%. This rate refers to the percentage of customers who added some item from your website to their cart but abandoned the process without completing the purchase. By reducing this abandonment percentage, you can immensely boost your sales. 

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One way to do so is by sending retargeting emails to your customers.

If you think about it, customers adding a product to their cart means they like it enough to buy. That means that there are chances that a little push or reminder can make them purchase the product. Retargeting mail can do that with minimal effort. 

Shopify website stores in India give the facility to create customized emails to a specific customer group. It provides branded templates to add a personalized touch to every mail you send to your customer. You can also schedule these retargeting emails in advance to help yourself plan the stock and traffic on your website. 

Shopify provides a detailed guide on the best practices and methods for businesses to use its main feature. It also helps you plan and exhibit a complete brand campaign to increase sales. Make sure to add a captivating subject and enticing content to your retargeting mail. It will encourage your customers to make efforts and complete their pending purchases.

In case you do not want to send emails to your customers manually, you can automate the entire process by buying advanced plans from Shopify. If you do not have a Shopify store, you can learn how to build one here. Shopify website builder offers multiple plans to cater to different sizes of businesses. You should choose a plan that goes well with your business and budget. 


Discount Codes

Who doesn’t like discounts, right?

A blog published by Convince and Convert revealed that about 93% of shoppers use a coupon or discount code throughout the year. That means you can miss big numbers if your business does not offer enticing discount codes timely. 

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Shopify lets website admins introduce discount codes on their site hassle-free. It gives the option to select the date for which the code will be valid and the number of times a customer can use a discount code. If you want more customization in your discount code, you can also set the minimum order amount, the product category, and many more. This facility comes in all Shopify plans, making it compatible with small and big businesses. 

Moreover, to avoid any confusion, Shopify gives a Sales by Discount report, stating the effectiveness of your discount code. Many businesses use the email feature of Shopify to distribute their discount codes to their customers. They display the discount offer on their official websites to make their deals more attractive and worthwhile.


Push Notifications

We all receive dozens of push notifications from various brands and applications on our mobile phones. Brands put so much effort into sending regular push notifications to customers because it drives sales. Multiple research data suggest that notifying users about things they care about helps boost sales. But only if it is done in the right way and at the right time. 

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Adopting an enticing push notification strategy can prove extremely effective in remarketing to specific customers. Shopify provides app download options for businesses to integrate push notifications into their Shopify website. And the best part about it is that Shopify store designs in India come with a personalization feature. It enables business owners to send customized push notifications with special deals and discounts to customers. 

However, you must not forget that sending excessive push notifications can irritate your customers. Sending 1 or 2 push notifications is an untold industry standard that all major brands follow. 


Social Media Integration

Nowadays, social media is becoming the new online marketplace for businesses. Neglecting it proves adverse for merchants that target millennials and Gen Z customers. Considering this trend, Shopify lets shopping websites integrate their sales with social media platforms, especially Facebook. It allows your customers to access your product or service through the brand’s Facebook page.

To make that happen, you only need to go to your website settings and add Facebook as your sales channel. It will add a ‘shop’ tab on the Facebook page of your brand, through which customers can shop without visiting your website. This strategy does wonders by making it convenient for technically challenged customers to shop.

Shopify store design in India and many other countries is capable of syncing your Facebook store with your Shopify account. It syncs your orders and helps you manage your payments and inventory in one place instead of two.


ChatBot Addition

We often skip purchasing due to small doubts about the product or services on a website. That’s where a Chatbot can help. Having a personalized and well-trained chatbot on your website comes with multiple perks. For example, it saves the need for hiring customer agent (s) for repetitive queries raised by your customers. Secondly, a chatbot can be available on your website 24/7 to answer any questions from your leads. It can reduce the number of customers leaving your website due to small doubts.

The procedure of adding a chatbot on your Shopify website is almost similar to doing social media integration. You need to log into your admin panel and search for ‘Chatbot’ in your App section. Once you find a suitable chatbot, you only need to download and integrate it with your Shopify website, and you are good to go. 

One more subtle benefit of adding a chatbot is that it will fill the gap of missing human touch on your online marketplace. The fast responses that your customers will receive from the chatbot are a great way to improve communication with customers

A bonus tip from me is that even though chatbots can handle the bulk of queries, try not to completely rely on them. Your customer may ask questions that the chatbot can not answer due to its design limitations. Thus, add the customer care number or a direct link to the customer care chat on your website.


SEO Enhancement

In the physical world, the location of your store plays a crucial role in deciding customer traffic. Similarly, in the online world, it is the SEO of your website that decides the same for your website. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization of a website decides its ranking on Search Engines like Chrome, Yahoo, Opera, and others. A strong SEO is the most focused aspect of every online business, and a Spotify website store is no exception. The chances of high sales depend directly on high website traffic. Therefore, Shopify comes well-prepared with the best SEO tools to help you achieve that. 

Shopify website store in India offers a range of SEO-boosting apps to download and integrate. These apps save the bulk of time and effort that goes into manually enhancing the SEO of a business and its product descriptions. Some of these apps like SEO Image Optimizer, and Judge.me, Smart SEO, SEO booster, and so on.


Customer Testimonial

A blog by BigCommerce states that 72% of customers accept that positive testimonials enhance their trust in a brand. It clearly states the importance of positive customer testimonials for a business. The product review apps on Shopify can add a customer review feature to your products. This addition will give your customers a place to express their opinion about your product and services.

Additionally, it also makes your customers realize that their opinion matters to you. As per the guidelines for Shopify Store design in India, structured and honest reviews help in the overall ranking of a website. Continuous feedback from your customers will also help you identify their pain points to solve. Thus, make sure to add a review section on your product offerings. 

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If you wish to remove the customer review option from your website temporarily, Shopify also provides that facility. 


Wrapping Up

Boosting sales for your Shopify website store in India requires you to strategically implement the key features. Use retargeting emails to reduce cart abandonment rates and encourage completed purchases. Offer enticing discount codes to attract customers, as most shoppers use coupons. Implement a well-thought-out push notification strategy for effective remarketing. 

Leverage social media integration, particularly Facebook, to extend your sales reach. Enhance customer engagement by adding a well-trained chatbot to answer queries and provide a human touch. Optimize SEO using Shopify tools and apps to increase website traffic. Showcase positive customer testimonials to build trust. By incorporating these features, you can maximize your Shopify store potential and increase sales.


You May Ask

How do I increase sales on Shopify for free?

The best way to increase sales on Shopify for free is to use the built-in features of the platform effectively. Shopify offers multiple free apps for your store, like Product Reviews (for adding product reviews), Order Printer (to print invoices), Shopcodes (for offering discount codes), Oberlo (for product listing), and many more. You can download and integrate these apps to boost sales without paying any penny. 


How to build an effective Shopify Website store in India?

To build a Shopify website store, select a good theme that aligns with your brand identity. After that, you need to precisely design the pages of the website, including the images, product listing layouts, and features. Make sure to establish easy navigation and streamlined processing in the final outcome. Once you complete the initial drafting, take the help of multiple free tools on Shopify to enhance SEO, product descriptions, UI, and other aspects. Regularly monitor performance metrics and customer feedback to make necessary improvements for a successful online store.


Do I have to advertise my Shopify store?

Whether you have to advertise your Shopify store is subjective, depending on your budget, product category, and market trends. While advertising significantly boosts your website visibility, many businesses prefer organic marketing. Thus, it depends on your personal preference if you need to advertise your store or not.


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