Boost Your Business with An Effective Website Design

Jul 12, 2023

effective website design

You must have heard the popular saying that the first impression is the last impression. But do you know that this saying not only applies to you meeting someone new but also it applies for new people discovering your business?

Since we are in a digital era where everything is online, the online gateway to your business aka your business website is the first and most important impression of your entire business. According to a post by Northern Arizona University, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. It also states that 79% of customers admit to searching for another site if the one they landed on does not live up to expectations. According to a web usability report published by Komarketing, 44% of website visitors leave a company’s website if there’s no contact information or phone number. 

All these states indicate that an effective website design plays a key role in generating leads for a company. And that’s why every business invests a significant time in developing and maintaining its website design. While some do it themselves, others take the help of an effective website design company to do that.

But in both cases, you must know ways to boost your business with an effective website and this blog will tell you exactly that.

10 Tips to Boost Your Business with an effective website Design

Below are the 10 most important tips for building an effective website design that can boost your business-

Keep It Clean

No one likes to look at a cluttered website design with so much going on. Every online visitor prefers a simplistic and clean website design that highlights only what is needed. Putting too much information burdens the users by overloading their minds. It also reduces their ability to remember crucial information about your business. Thus, be sure to keep a good balance of text and graphics on all your web pages to present a clean and minimalistic outlook for your users. The ideal ratio for Image to text in the industry lies between 80:20 to 60:40. The exact ratio for a business website also depends on the product type and amount of information necessary for a first-time visitor. If you think images are a better way to prevent the key highlights of your business then an 80:20 ratio between images and text would be a right fit.

effective website design

Before putting any information on your business website, always ask yourself, if the user will care about that information. If it does not support the purpose of your webpage, you should remove it.

Select an Effective Website Design

If you ever noticed the web pages of top companies like Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, and Adobe, you must agree that all of them are highly interactive and attention-worthy. A functional and dynamic-looking website retains more visitors than a non-responsive one. You must integrate responsive elements in your web design so that visitors feel included. This way, it will give a positive user experience.

You can take the help of an experienced website design company to build a responsive website design for your work. It may sound like an extra expenditure if you are running a startup, but hiring a web development company for a small business turns out to be the most worthwhile spending if done rightly. 

If you are looking for a website design company in Ahmedabad, India, Greencubes, with over 10+ years of experience in the field, can be the right fit for it.

Optimize the Load Speed of Your Website

No matter how good your website looks, if it takes longer than usual to load, you will be facing a very high bounce rate from your visitors. It’s because people today do not like to spend time waiting for a page to load. They simply walk away from other entities offering similar services. We do not want that. 

website load speed

According to an infographic by Kissmetrics published on Ubersuggest, you lose 25% of potential viewers if your website takes 4 seconds as its loading time. Therefore, keep it a priority to optimize the load speed of your website while preparing it. If you are taking help from an effective website design company, make sure to put this point in front of them. One effective way to reduce the load time of a website is to minimize the photo file sizes along with maintaining their quality. A thoughtful and smart use of white space and text can also hugely impact the speed of a website. 

Give Social Proof

Trust is the most powerful currency in every online business and giving proof of your social presence is the best way to achieve that trust. It includes sharing customer testimonials, social appearances, and links to your social media handles (if any) on your website. Thus, leave room for adding these elements while you design your company website. Also, make sure that the customer testimonials you put on the page have an easily unreadable font and styling for a stronger impact. 

Make it SEO Friendly

All the efforts that you put into designing your website would mean nothing if viewers can not find it. To make your website easy to find, incorporate the power of SEO (search engine optimization) in it. An SEO-friendly website has proven a game changer for thousands of businesses in generating leads and increasing revenue. Thus, invest time in building a strong SEO strategy for your business website to increase its visibility and make it stand out among thousands available in the market. Target the right keywords in your website content to attract the right viewers. 

website seo

For example, if you want to attract customers looking for a company to help with their  effective website design in Ahmedabad, then your targeted keyword for your website can be website design company in Ahmedabad, India’

Keep It Updated

Since search engines rank websites according to their SEO score, it is important to keep your website content and strategies updated. Make sure to keep revising your website SEO according to the latest guidelines. Updated content also helps in building the trust quotient of your viewers by making your website reliable for them. It also helps in enhancing the domain authority of your website, which is a key indicator in deciding your website rank. Updating your website also includes timely updating its website design according to the latest trends. 

Don’t Forget the Contact Information

The purpose of building an effective website for a business is to always generate leads and convert them into customers. As many businesses depend on the customers contacting them to give orders or confirm some details, it is important to make your contact information an easy find for them. The contact information of your business should be easily visible on your website. While most companies prefer to put their contact details on top of the page, others prefer it at the bottom like a call-to-action. It is also a good practice to put the details of your customer support channel so that your new and existing customers can contact you in need. Making sure to enter contact details must be an important part of your ultimate website development checklist

If a website design company handles your website, you should ensure that they put your contact information in the right place on your website. 

Follow a Theme

Just like your way of carrying yourself at the office or parties plays a crucial role in your power of influencing others, the right theme for a website reflects the brand image of a business. In a published short video by Google about if a theme affects SEO, John Mueller, the video host agreed that a website theme does affect its SEO. Though there are many pre-built website themes available in the market, it is always a smart move to hire a website design company for developing a new and customized theme that perfectly represents your business. A unique theme of your business website will leave a lasting effect in the minds of online visitors. While choosing a theme, do not forget to consider the content components. Select a theme or create one that can be compatible with all your other website requirements. 

Make It Mobile Ready

Optimizing your website for Mobile use is the step that most businesses overlook. But the truth is that more and more people are accessing your website through mobile phones. A report published in 2022 states that 57% of traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. That’s why the better experience you can provide for your mobile visitors, the better chance you will have to convert them into your customers. If your website is mobile-friendly, it also builds a lasting sense of trust and reliability in your potential customers about your brand. Moreover, if your website does not load quickly on mobiles, it may cost you to lose a big section of your ‘to-be’ customers because they may click off your page without much wait.

mobile-friendly website design

Never Stop Improving

Boosting your website for boosting your business is not a sprint but a marathon. It requires continuous improvements and changes to fully optimize your business website. Thus, it is important to keep doing the changes in it as per new trends and guidelines. Make sure to use all the useful tools and strategies emerging in the market about boosting website designs to stay ahead in the game.


Wrapping Up

In today’s digital world, having a business website is not enough to drive sales. Boosting your business website is a must thing today to make it capable of actually benefitting the business. Thus, ensure to follow the important tips and tricks in your website design to bring a paradigm shift to your online traffic. If you do not have enough time and resources to manage all aspects of your product or service website, hiring a website design company is a great option that you can consider. By utilizing the small yet important tips we shared in this blog, business owners can improve the visibility and trust of people in their brand.


Some Burning Questions 

How to make a good business website?

To make a good business website, you can start by buying a domain name and hosting for the same. Then you can develop a customer-centric website that can highlight your business features and attract new customers. If you are not an expert in the field, it is better that you hire a website design company from around your location to help you out. For example, if your business is based out of Ahmedabad, then you can contact any company that services related to website design in Ahmedabad, India. 

Does a good website matter for boosting a business?

If a good website matters for boosting a business depends on the type of your product or service. While most B2B and B2C model businesses have been hugely benefitting from boosting their websites, it does not affect businesses limited to a specific small region.

Is it possible to get a good website design in Ahmedabad, India for my business?

Yes, it is possible. You can get one through Greencubes, a website design company in Ahmedabad, India that has a global presence and provides all-in-one solutions related to website designing and development.




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