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PVO Eyewear was founded based on the ideals that buying high-quality contact lenses online should be an easy, transparent, and enjoyable process. The company is located in Canada and prides itself on being more than just a website. With over 20 years of contact lens experience, the team at PVO understands how essential excellent customer service is, especially when it comes to your eyes. Their mission is to provide customers with a seamless experience when buying contact lenses online.


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PVO Eyewear partnered with Greencube Solutions to create a custom-designed and developed website on the Shopify platform. The primary goal was to sell all of PVO’s brand contact lenses online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PVO Eyewear’s custom-designed and developed website has been successful in selling high-quality contact lenses online. The minimalist and modern design, user-friendly features, and optimized checkout process have contributed to the website’s success. The collaboration between PVO and Greencube Solutions resulted in a website that accurately reflects PVO’s brand and values. The website has also provided a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Challenge

The main challenge for the project was to create a minimalistic, neat, clean, and professional-looking design that would stand out amongst competitors. The team also faced the challenge of providing high-quality contact lenses online with the utmost ease, transparency, and an enjoyable process for customers.


Our Approach

To tackle the challenges, our team at Greencube Solutions took a customer-centric approach. We started by conducting extensive research on the industry and the competition. This research helped us to identify the key features and elements that would be necessary for a successful online store. We also spent time getting to know PVO’s brand and values to ensure that the website would reflect their unique identity.

Our Solution

Based on our research and understanding of PVO’s needs, we proposed a custom-designed and developed website on the Shopify platform. We focused on creating a minimalist and modern design that would be easy to navigate for users. To improve the customer experience, we incorporated features such as a virtual try-on tool and a subscription service for contact lens refills. We also implemented a user-friendly checkout process with multiple payment options to increase conversion rates.

One of the challenges was to provide high-quality images and product descriptions that accurately represent the contact lenses. To overcome this, we collaborated with PVO’s team to create a detailed product database that included images, descriptions, and other relevant information. This database was integrated into the website to provide users with a seamless experience when browsing and purchasing contact lenses.

Another challenge was to ensure that the website was optimized for search engines. To address this, we conducted keyword research and implemented on-page optimization techniques to improve the website’s visibility on search engines.


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