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Empowering CPO is a prominent Sourcing and Procurement Advisory firm with delivery centers and offices in India and the USA. With a team of experienced sourcing professionals, we prioritize exceptional client service and strive to achieve remarkable results. For over four years, we have been trusted partners to Fortune 500 companies with global operations, providing tailored solutions and empowering Chief Procurement Officers to optimize their procurement strategies.


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Greencubes was approached by Empowering CPO to undertake a website replacement project. The objective was to develop a new website that would be search engine optimized (SEO-friendly) and maintain similar URLs to their previous website. Additionally, the client sought to integrate their procurement reports for sale on the website, consisting of a substantial collection of around 650 reports. 

The client expressed a preference for using Elementor as the website builder for easy content management. The website was built using a combination of Elementor, WordPress, and Woo Commerce. The design approach aimed to strike a balance between elegance and effectively conveying a wealth of information. Upon presenting the designs to Sujit, they were met with great enthusiasm, leading to the development of the entire website using the Elementor site editor. Empowering CPO continues to add new reports on a daily basis, resulting in a highly successful and profitable website.

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The Challenge

The project presented several challenges that required extensive problem-solving efforts. Firstly, accommodating the client’s request to design web pages based on the content from their old website posed a significant challenge. This necessitated creating designs that not only aligned with the content but were also compatible with Elementor Pro, the chosen platform. Certain sections of the website proved particularly difficult to implement using Elementor, requiring creative solutions to achieve the desired outcome.

Another challenge involved maintaining the URLs from the old website during the development process. This required careful consideration of the backend structure to ensure compatibility while preserving the existing URL structure. Furthermore, throughout the entire design and development process, it was essential to prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure the new website’s visibility and ranking in search results. This necessitated implementing SEO best practices and ensuring that the website adhered to SEO-friendly guidelines. Overcoming these challenges required meticulous planning, strategic thinking, and technical expertise.


Our Approach

We started by understanding the project requirements and finding solutions to address each challenge and meet the client’s needs. Once the client approved our proposed solutions, we began working on the website design. After the design was approved, we moved on to developing the website’s functionality. Once the site was completed, we gave it to the client to test and provide feedback. We made any necessary changes based on the client’s feedback, and then we made the website live for everyone to experience. 

Our Solution

For the design, we went through several websites that belong to same field. We checked the Data from the old site and tried to build up new design for each section. We had enough data to insert in the sections, so that made a work little bit easy. But with so much data we had to create many sections, so again the work was lengthy. The website had to be responsive in all the screens, so it took more time to build pages with so many sections. We created HTML to show design to the client for approval. Then we had to again make it in Elementor as HTML is not integrated in Elementor.

For the reports we had to make the reports page in Elementor, but the filters design and need was so complex that we had to custom code it in the theme files. 

And we also had to keep the same URL structure as of the old site, so the backend structure was kept same as the old site. But there was also an issue in doing that. The old site was not in Elementor, the new site was. So we made the pages compatible in Elementor to edit easily and also have the custom URL structure to match the old site. 

After all these struggles, finally the website was ready. There were few bugs reported by the QA team and the client. They were resolved easily. The website was then made live on the client’s server.  


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